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Effortlessly prolong your VR adventures with the Quest 3 using the KIWI design Comfort Battery Head Strap. Equipped with high-quality industrial-grade batteries, this accessory boasts built-in 6400mAh powerhouses that can add an extra 2-4 hours (depending on usage) to your immersive gaming sessions.


Indulge in supreme comfort with the KIWI design battery head strap. Featuring plush and substantial cushions on the top and back, a precisely counterweighted battery pack, and an ergonomic design, it offers unmatched comfort for your Quest 3 experience.


Prioritize safety with the KIWI design Battery Strap. Its certified 6400mAh battery ensures durability and safety. The eco-friendly side strap, capable of bending up to 10,000 times, adds extra robustness. Coupled with our attentive customer service, you can confidently enjoy your VR games with peace of mind. Note: This Battery Strap is not compatible with our RGB Vertical Charging Stand.


Experience enhanced versatility with the enlarged bracket that accommodates head sizes ranging from 17.7 to 29.5 inches. The expanded head support gently cradles your head, ensuring comfort during extended wear of the headset.

Enjoy the luxury of memory foam cushion in the KIWI design, carrying forward the excellence of its predecessor. The broadened top strap pad and thickened head cushion work harmoniously to enhance comfort and alleviate pressure during headset wear. Plus, the soft PU leather surface ensures easy cleaning for the ultimate convenience.

Kiwi Design Comfort Battery Head Strap for Meta Quest 3

    • Enhanced balance and comfort.
    • Soft straps and premium PU leather
    • Hold cables in place securely
    • Dial adjustment 

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