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Meta Quest 3 Gunstocks: Which one is right for you?

The Quest 3 is possibly the biggest VR hardware release of 2023, and we're hyped about it. If you've got your hands on this new piece of virtual reality tech and are looking to make your gaming experiences even better, we've got the accessories to do just that. Check out the options below and find the stock that's best for you.

Olen VR logo and man using SPINE Meta Quest 3 Gunstock
Spine Meta Quest 3 Accessory Live Gameplay

SPINE: The AIO Stock

The SPINE is the stock to rule them all, or at least to work across all playstyles. This vr gunstock has been available for 2 years, and in that time received some quality-of-life updates and slight alterations based on feedback from thousands of users.


16 inches of play to line up your hands to any gun, and available in 4 different height options. This Meta Quest 3 accessory will become a vital part of your gaming experience.

How the SPINE works

The Olen VR SPINE VR Stock Full Kit includes the SPINE body and the optional Butt Extension. This lets you snugly press the stock against your chest for precise aiming, so you won't have to deal with that annoying floating-hand syndrome messing up your aim anymore!

The entire underside of the stock body is metal, and when paired with a set of our magnetic controller mounts it makes for a solid three point of contact tool. This stock is compatible with your favorite games like Ghosts of Tabor, Contractors, Pavlov, VAIL, and much more.

LoPRO Meta Quest 3 Accessory Slogan
LoPRO accessory adjustability infographic

LoPRO: Quick & Compact

If you've got that competitive edge and need a Quest 3 stock to keep up with your speed while improving your accuracy, the LoPRO will be your go-to tool. This Quest 3 gun stock was made with competition in mind, and is a result of talking and iterating with some of the worlds greatest competitive VR players. 

LoPRO Introductory

After more than a year of listening to the awesome VR gaming community, we've come up with a competitive new virtual reality gunstock. Our main aim when designing this cool bottom-mounted VR gunstock was to make sure it works like a charm.


So whether you're dreaming of becoming an eSports pro or you're already a gaming beast, we've got the tool to take your gameplay to the next level. You'll get all the reliability and customization you need without losing a beat in terms of speed and agility during your game.

Have a Question About Our Gunstocks?

Gunstocks are our specialty, and we've made two in particular to match any playstyle. These unique tools are available in multiple colorways, and compatible with many different headsets including: Oculus Quest 1, Meta Quest 2 & 3, Quest Pro, Valve Index, and PSVR2. 

Feel free to message us on our live chat by hitting the red icon on the bottom-right of your screen or shoot us an email (pun intended) to and we'll help answer any questions you may have about our line-up of virtual reality gunstock accessories.

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