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Enhance your Quest 3 gaming experience with these wireless gaming headphones! If your earbud tips don't fit your ears right or if you're not wearing the headset properly, you might not get the best sound quality or call performance. Make sure to switch to earbud tips that snugly fit your ears for a better experience. Now, let's talk about the cool features of these wireless earbuds:
- Low-latency wireless audio in Gaming mode for super-synced sound and video during competitive gaming sessions.
- Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) tech that blocks out noise from all directions, giving you an immersive audio experience.
- Enjoy a long 27-hour battery life with quick-charge tech for when you're on the go.
- Convenient wireless charging for the case – no more hassle with cords.
- Quick-touch controls for easy in-game adjustments.
- These earbuds work with a wide range of devices like PCs, Macs, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. So, you're all set for gaming and more!

ASUS ROG Centra Quest 3 Headphones

    • Hybrid ANC Technology
    • Low-Latency Wireless Audio
    • Active Noise Cancelation
    • Exceptional Audio
    • Extensive Battery Life
    • Fast Charging

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