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Is a PSVR2 Gun Stock Useful?

Olen VR Spine PSVR2 Gun stock and controllers

A VR gun stock is a tool made to enhance your gaming experience in virtual reality shooter games. Not only does it improve the realism you crave when playing, it adds an upgraded level of stability which increases your accuracy and some would say gives you a competitive advantage; keep in mind nothing is better than practice. Below we'll outline why a PSVR2 gun stock might be the perfect tool to add to your gaming arsenal.

Key Advantages of a Playstation VR2 Gunstock

Transitioning from free-hand to using a gunstock, you'll notice a night and day difference in a few key aspects. Not only will you see many improvements, you'll notice some immediate downsides but don't fret as the difficulties of a PSVR2 gun stock goes away after just a bit of practice.

Improved Realism

Holding a VR gunstock mimics the feeling of holding a real firearm, adding a layer of immersion and realism to the gaming experience. This immersion can make the gameplay more engaging and enjoyable.

Stability and Accuracy

A gunstock provides stability by bracing the VR controller against your shoulder or chest, reducing hand jitter and improving aim accuracy. This stability is particularly beneficial for shooting games that require precision aiming.

Pavlov gameplay footage using a PSVR2 gun stock

Comfort and Ergonomics

Holding a gunstock can be more comfortable than holding a VR controller for extended gaming sessions. The design of a gunstock often takes ergonomics into account, providing a more natural grip.

Reduced Fatigue

By distributing the weight of the VR controller more evenly, a gunstock can help reduce fatigue during longer gaming sessions. This allows players to focus more on the gameplay without being distracted by discomfort.

Enhanced Immersion

In VR, immersion is key to creating memorable gaming experiences. Using a gunstock adds another layer of immersion by making players feel more connected to the virtual world, especially in games where shooting and weapon handling are central mechanics.

Competitive Advantage

In multiplayer VR shooting games, having a gunstock can give players a competitive edge by improving their accuracy and reaction times. This can be especially important in competitive gaming environments where every advantage counts.

PSVR2 Shooter Games to Play with a Gun Stock

Pavlov character wearing a Playstation VR2 headset

This game is all about jumping into multiplayer battles with your buddies and blasting away at each other. You've got different modes to play around with, like team battles or just a solid deathmatch. Pick your favorite guns, gear up, and get ready to duke it out in intense matches against other players online. It's all about quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and of course, having a ton of fun in Pavlov VR!

The Light Brigade is a first-person roguelike game where players assume the role of a character endowed with an eternal spirit, granting them the ability to reincarnate following each demise. Armed with an array of weaponry reminiscent of World War II, players engage in combat against enemy soldiers as they progress through each level.

In The Light Brigade, players can utilize prayer mechanics to access hidden areas and interact with environmental elements. Movement mechanics involve teleportation, framed within the game as a rapid dash. Prior to embarking on each playthrough, players have the opportunity to select from eight distinct classes, each boasting unique spells and armaments, including scout, pistoleer, rifleman, assault, militia, sniper, breacher, and engineer.

In Breachers, the gameplay is akin to Rainbow Six Siege. You've got your attacking team and defending team, just like in Siege. Attackers must defuse the bomb before the round's up, but if they wipe out all the enemies first, they can skip that part.

Gameplay of man throwing utility to teammate in Breachers VR

Defenders, or terrorists protect the bomb and stop the attackers from defusing it. There's a bunch of gadgets for both sides, like trip mines, grenades, and even healing syringes. Plus, you've got 13 different weapons to choose from, including pistols, assault rifles, SMGs, and shotguns. You earn money after each round, so the better you do, the more gear you can buy for the next round.

After reading this and you still think a VR gun stock is right for you, check out our wide selection of styles and colorways of the SPINE. It's sure to tickle your fancy.

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