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We didn't realize how short we were until we heard how many people needed the LoPRO to be longer.

This Extended Butt Upgrade for the LoPRO adds an additional 4.2 inches of length to the stock body allowing for even the tallest of players to take advantage of the highly competitive LoPRO VR Gun Stock.


About the LoPRO:
Hey there, all you esports pros and future legends! We've got a sweet tool to up your game in virtual reality FPS. Check out the LoPro VR Gunstock - it's got all the bells and whistles you need in a VR stock accessory.


We've been in the lab for months, getting feedback from the competitive gaming community in games like VAIL VR and Contractor$. After a ton of planning and tinkering, we birthed the LoPRO. It's a sleek, pro-level VR gun stock made for serious players looking to take their skills to the next level.


When we crafted this bad boy, we had three key things in mind that we wanted to make sure were part of the package.



No More Sharp Edges

We've been getting feedback from lots of players, and some of you mentioned that our previous stock could be a bit rough in the heat of battle, leaving scratches on you or your precious controllers and headsets. Well, with the LoPRO, we intentionally went for a sleek design to ensure no harm comes to you or your gear.



So, turns out, there are some tall folks out there, taller than our team expected! We've taken everyone's heights and controller preferences into account. The adjustable butt gives you three different lengths, spanning 3 inches, and you can fine-tune the cheek weld too, all for that super comfy experience.


Pull Force

When we cooked up this virtual reality rifle stock, we put a lot of thought into the pull force. The stopper clip makes it easy to snap your controller into the same spot every time, but here's the cool part – the clip's shape matches the bottom of your controller. Pair that with the top stop, and you can really give your dominant hand some serious pulling power. If you're all about strong-arming those shots, this one's made for you.



As you level up your skills and gear, your peripherals should level up too, right? The LoPRO comes with removable 'Stopper Clips' that can be swapped out to fit your latest headset. Not only that, you get two removable sling mounts with every stock, and you can move them to any of three different spots. Whether you prefer a single point sling, a two point sling, or any other combination, the LoPRO can handle it