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The SBS (aka Split Body Stock) is a unique take on traditional VR Gun Stocks. Scrap the sling and keep your stock in your hands at all times.

"What about when I need to reload or loot?" 
- Split the stock in half to free up both hands to get down to business


"How do I put the stock back together?"
- Snap those bad boys back in place via the 110lbs neodymium magnet and you're back to aiming like a god.



You can still MOD the SBS edition Asset to turn it into whatever style stock you please. Want the Solo edition, simply pick up the Solo mod and you're on your way. Looking for more of the base edition then hit up the MODs page and pick out your parts.


The Asset VR Gun Stock | SBS Edition

    • Magnetic attachment points in the middle allow to break away and loot
    • Stat Grips allow for full control of your stock at all times
    • Swappable MODs for complete customization

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