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This all-in-1 storage stand is composed of a stable metal stand base for P-S5 Console, P-S5 Dualsense Controllers & PSVR2 Controller, and Remote Control, with a holder for Playstaton VR2 Headset, Stereo Headphones and other accessories like Cables. It functions as a Cooling Station, Charging Station, and Storage Stand, keeping your PS5 accessories organized and in order.

PSVR2 and PS5 Dual Function Cooling Stand and Charging Station

    • The cooler system contains 2 cooling fans with 3 adjustable speed levels(Low,Mid,High) and LED indicators, pulling air through the console from bottom and bringing awaying the heat. The efficient heat dissipation will help to lower the operating temperature, improve performance and extend the lifespan of playstaton5 console.
    • With 5 controller charging magnetic terminals, the controller charger supports a fast wireless charging for two P-S5 Controllers and two PSVR2 Sense Controllers simultaneously, conveniently and effeciently. LED Charging Indicators will help you recognize the rate of charging progress. Red light: 0%-95% charging. Green light and red light flash alternately: 95%-99.99% charging. Green light: 100% charged.
    • The ps5 cooling stand is compatible with both the Disc & Digital Editions. Fixing the console to the cooling stand with the provided screw, it will stand firmly and securely. The 2 USB interfaces are for controller charging only, allowing you to charge extra controllers with USB cables. NOTE: The Type-C Port is for the cooling and charging station's power supply, so you DO NOT need to keep the PlayStationConsole ON in order for the control charge.
    • With over-charge, over-heat, over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection technologies, the p-s5 controller charging station will keep you safe and bring no damage to your game devices.

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