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Meet Your Meta Quest 3's New BFF: AMVR Upgraded Controller Grips!


Gaming, Unleashed: Say hello to ultimate control and comfort for your Meta Quest 3. These grips are like a magic wand for your controllers, making your gameplay smoother than a buttered-up slide!


Game for Hours: No more cramps or dropping your controllers mid-game. The AMVR grips are your ticket to non-stop fun. Get lost in your virtual world without worrying about sweaty palms or sore hands.


Easy-Peasy Installation: These grips are a breeze to set up. Slip 'em on, and you're ready to roll. No tools, no hassle. You'll be back to gaming in no time.


Built to Last: Crafted from top-notch materials, these grips are ready to take a beating (well, not literally). They're durable, so you won't be shopping for replacements anytime soon.


Upgrade your Meta Quest 3 experience with AMVR Upgraded Controller Grips. Get a grip on your gaming and make it better than ever. Ready for the best controller experience of your life? Grab these grips and level up your gameplay today!

Meta Quest 3 Controller Grips by AMVR

  • Addressing Battery Replacement Convenience: The controller grip's design incorporates a battery opening that facilitates hassle-free battery replacement, obviating the need for complete removal of the grip's cover. It is imperative to take note that the plastic battery pull tab should be positioned beneath the battery, specifically excluding its application for charging purposes. In the event of operational issues, your feedback is highly encouraged, and we are committed to providing a satisfactory resolution.

    Optimal Ergonomics: The controller grip tailored for compatibility with the Quest 3 is constructed from a soft silicone material, effectively mitigating excessive hand pressure and discomfort. This construction promotes extended grip retention without inducing fatigue. Furthermore, the textured surface of the grip enhances friction, thus preventing unintended controller slippage during operation, ultimately ensuring superior control and grasp.

    Comprehensive Controller Safeguard: The controller grip's cover offers a safeguard against inadvertent controller slippage during gameplay. Tailored specifically for the Quest 3, the grip cover conforms snugly to the controller, providing effective protection against scratches, impacts, and routine wear and tear. The inclusion of a dedicated orifice accommodates the original wrist strap, enhancing protective and stabilizing attributes.

    Adaptable Configuration: Employing nylon Velcro straps at the wrist junction, this grip allows effortless fixation and adjustment of wrist strap length and tightness, rendering it suitable for a variety of hand sizes. The inclusion of rotatable rivets enables slight angle adjustments to cater to differing hand sizes and in response to various gaming actions. This not only guarantees a stable and secure grip but also mitigates the potential for hand discomfort and fatigue.

    Effortless Attachment and Removal: The one-piece design of the Quest 3-compatible controller grip simplifies both installation and removal procedures. Included within the package are a pair of controller grip covers with knuckle straps, a pair of battery compartment covers, and four plastic battery pull tabs (two of which are pre-mounted on the battery cover). Please be advised that batteries are not included in the package.

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