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Esports competitors and aspiring legends, we bring you a tool that will help bring your virtual reality FPS performance to the next level. Introducing the LoPro VR Gunstock containing all the features and details you want out of a VR rifle accessory.


For months we gathered as much feedback from the competitive community from games like VAIL VR and Contractor$, and after months of planning and iterating we created the LoPRO. A low profile, professional virtual reality gun stock accessory for competitive players to bring their S tier gameplay.


When we designed this stock we had 3 main points we wanted to make sure was present with this stock.


No More Sharp Edges

We've heard from plenty of players about how our previous stock would sometimes scrape them during frantic fights or scuff their controllers/headsets. The LoPRO's smooth design was 100% intentional to prevent any damage to you or your valuable hardware.



With no tall boi's in our shop, we recently discovered there's people over 5'10 on this planet. We made sure to consider everyones heights and controller placement preference. The adjustable butt allows you 3 different lengths spanning 3 inches, along with the cheek weld. Further pushing the comfortable experience.


Pull Force

This piece was the key focus at the beginning of this virtual reality rifle stock's inception. The stopper clip allows you to snap your controller to the same position every time, but with one other key feature. The shape of each clip contours to the shape of the bottom of your controller. This coupled with the top stop, allows you to add as much pull force on your dominant hand as possible. If you like to strong arm your shots, this one's for you.



As your experience, skills, and harware progress, so should your peripherals. The LoPRO features removable 'Stopper Clips' which can be swapped out to fit the latest headset in your arsenal. Not only this, but the 2 removeable sling mounts you get with every stock can be moved to any of the 3 different locations. So if you like a single point sling, 2 point sling along with any placement of the two, the LoPRO will hold up.



LoPRO Other Key Features:

  • Adjustable Butt & Cheek Weld allowing you to change your stock to optimal comfort
  • 3 different sling mounting points for greater adjustability
  • Swappable stopper clip allows you to upgrade compatibility between Meta Quest 2 & Valve Index HMD's
  • Weapon charm hook (had to have it)





*Actual Oculus Quest 2 controllers in images are NOT INCLUDED

LoPRO VR Gun Stock for Quest 2

Body Color
Butt/Cheek Weld Color
    • Base Stock
    • Cheek Weld
    • Quest 2 Stopper Clip
    • Easy Snap Controller Mounts
    • 2 Removable Swivel Sling Mounts
    • 1-Year Parts Warranty

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