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Introducing The Asset, the virtual reality gunstock that puts the power of customization in your hands. With its unparalleled versatility, The Asset allows you to tailor your VR experience to suit your unique playstyle like never before.

Olen VR Asset Gun Stock Accessory

Built for Versatility

Imagine wielding a weapon perfectly tailored to your preferences - from the grip-style to the stock length, to how your rest it. Every aspect of The Asset can be modified to ensure maximum comfort and control. Whether you prefer the precision of a sniper rifle or the rapid fire of an SMG, The Asset adapts to your needs with absolute simplicity.
But that's just the beginning.
With a wide range of modular attachments and accessories available, The Asset opens up a world of possibilities for Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2 Gun Stock enthusiasts. Want to enhance your aiming stability? Attach an upgraded buttstock with a comfortable cheek-weld for an added point of stability. Need to increase your stock length? Simply press the adjustment button and add up to 7" of length from the butt to your off-hand.

Customization is Key

The customization options are where this stock shines, allowing you to fine-tune your setup for any FPS scenario. Whether you're finding the best perch in Contractors Showdown to pick off foes using a bolt action sniper, or running through Matka Underground with an SMG in Ghosts of Tabor, "The Asset" empowers you to dominate the virtual battlefield with confidence. 


Compatible with all major VR headsets, The Asset is the ultimate companion for immersive gaming experiences. Elevate your gameplay to new heights and unleash your full potential with The Asset by your side.

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Join the Armory

We created The Asset with the goal of being able to customize it in dozens of different ways to fit your exact play-style, which changes based on what games you're playing.


We want everyone to be apart of the development of this stock to make it the greatest and most versatile tool for VR FPS gaming. Your ideas, feedback, input, pretty much anything you have to say about the Asset and future mods are how we'll accomplish that mission.

Join our Discord and check out new developments and give us your suggestions. If you're the first to suggest a unique mod we put for sale on our website, you'll be getting one for free customized to show the world you helped make The Asset the GOAT.

The Asset Summarized

The Asset is engineered with compatibility in mind, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with all major virtual reality first-person shooter (FPS) games. Here's why:

  1. Universal Design: The Asset is crafted with a universal design that is compatible with various VR headsets, including Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and other leading brands. Its versatile construction allows it to adapt to different VR systems without compromising performance.

  2. Standardized Interfaces: The Asset utilizes standardized interfaces and connections commonly found in VR FPS games. This ensures smooth interaction and compatibility across a wide range of gaming platforms, eliminating the need for specialized adapters or configurations.

  3. Customization Flexibility: The Asset's customizable features are designed to cater to the diverse gameplay mechanics of different FPS titles. Whether it's adjusting the stock length for precise aiming or fine-tuning the grip style for optimal comfort, users can tailor The Asset to match the requirements of any VR FPS game.

  4. Developer Collaboration: The creators of The Asset actively collaborate with game developers to ensure compatibility and optimization for popular VR FPS titles. This proactive approach enables seamless integration and enhances the overall gaming experience for users.

  5. Community Feedback: The Asset's compatibility is continually refined based on community feedback and user experiences. By listening to the needs and preferences of gamers, the developers ensure that The Asset remains compatible with the latest VR FPS games and updates.

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