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VR Gun Stocks: The Guide to Better Virtual Reality Shooting

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Virtual reality gun stocks are what make FPS VR games a truly immersive and makes for an amazing gaming experience. Not only do they provide an phenomenal gun-feel, VR gun stocks give you a competitive edge by allowing you to reliably aim any weapon with great precision and stability.

Today we're going to show you what a VR gun stock can do you for you and why it's a must-have if you're a fan of VR first-person-shooter games.

What is a VR Gun Stock?

Often referred to as: VR stocks, VR guns, VR Gunstocks, VR rifles, etc. though it may have many names, they have one primary function; To help you improve your overall aiming stability when playing first-person-shooter virtual reality games. Though they aren't required to play these games, once you've tried one it'll quickly become a necessary VR accessory to have on you at all times.

Virtual reality gunstock on display

Why should I get a VR gun stock?

When playing any of the growing virtual reality FPS games like: Onward, Pavlov VR, Pavlov Shack, Contractor$ (contractors), Population: One, etc. you'll find there's some key elements missing. The experience alone lacks immersion, it's hard to aim steadily at long-distance targets, your hands could be shaky. There are a plethora of reasons why FPS games might not feel as best as can be, and VR gun stocks solve this problem.

A virtual reality gun stock, like our SPINE compatible with the Oculus (owned by Meta) Quest 1, Quest 2, Rift S, and Valve Index solves all these issues. VR gunstocks simulate the feeling of holding a real weapon in-game. The butt of the gunstock provides you stability as well as the magnetized body to allow you to place and pull your hands on a steady surface.

How do VR gun stocks work?

Our current catalog of virtual reality gun stocks utilize a simple yet highly effective concept. The underside of the body of our vr gun stock is equipped with a metal piping surface. The controller mounts, which snap in place to your current Oculus or Valve controller, are magnetized. These two together create a stable connection to allow you to move freely while keeping your hands/controllers attached to a solid surface.

VR Gunstock Gameplay

We have you covered! We have amazing folks to have tried our virtual reality gun stocks to show everyone their experience and overall thoughts. Check out jBahrs video on his YouTube channel: Beer and Headshots to see all the details you could need.

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