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Top 5 Quest 2 FPS Games of 2021 (So Far)

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Looking for a list of games to play with your VR Gun Stock? Look no further, we've got some great suggestions to get you started on your Virtual Reality shooter journey.


Population: One

If you're a competitive gamer and love to play battle royale games in particular, Population: One is a welcome addition to the Oculus Quest 2 FPS line-up. As the first of it's kind, this game provides unique qualities. Movement is very fluid with it's emphasis on verticality. Being able to climb any building and fly anywhere you please is extremely fun. Though new content is nowhere up to par with console and PC based battle royale games, it's still tons of fun and it's definitely a game to add to your library.


Onward VR

As one of the first games to be featured in Virtual Reality gaming tournaments, Onward for the Oculus Quest sets the standard for what a tactical military-style FPS game in VR should be. With top tier gun handling, fantastic tracking, plenty of maps and game modes with more being released soon there's so many reasons to grab this game immediately. (Don't forget to bring a VR gun stock to the fight *cough MOB v1 *cough).


Sniper Elite VR

Taking aim down your sniper scope, grabbing that grip to steady your sights and finally pulling that trigger to watch your enemies jaw fracture into hundreds of pieces has never felt so satisfying. This game has been waiting for a virtual reality installment, and they created a truly epic experience. With an assortment of weapons, targets, and a decently-long campaign, this VR FPS is one for the books. They not only cater to the casual audience but the hardcore shooter fans as well. With 3 comfort modes (the most difficult including bullet drop), you can hop in knowing you'll have a virtual spot in WW2 to take down baddies.


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Whether it's super realistic weapon handling or the deterministic outcomes based on your decision making, The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners gives you a truly breathtaking experience you won't find in most FPS games to-date. If you want the most immersive experience living in a post-apocalyptic world filled with brain-munching zombies, you've found your match.


Superhot VR

This is an oldie, but by far the best VR FPS experience to date. We've all wanted to be like Neo in 'The Matrix' and slow motion dodge bullets flying at you while throwing ninja stars at your foes. Superhot is a perfect example of beauty in simplicity. There's only about 4 colors in the game (excluding the room outside the VR space), and you can't move outside your set space. You'll find this game tough in the beginning but so fun and satisfying after an hour or so to get the hang of things. Pretty soon you'll be spraying down red digital guys while bullets whiz by you with ease.


Honorable Mention

Contractors VR

2020 was a fantastic year for virtual reality shooters, and Contractor$ VR is one reason why. Guns in this game feel incredible, from bolt action sniper rifles to pump shotguns and smg's, Contractor$ put plenty of detail to make each weapon feel unique. Multiplayer is the greatest aspect of this game, providing plenty of maps and game-types to keep you playing for hours. If you're a Call of Duty or general arcade style shooter fan then this is one game you should definitely consider.

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