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SPINE: QOL Update 2/28/23

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Feedback is one of the biggest factors to help drive our innovations. We've shipped out a ton of SPINE gun stocks to you folks and with that came some strong opinions, something that we put a lot of value into. Along with this feedback, we've been playing a lot more VR as a whole recently, keeping in mind the information given to us and visualizing what the changes could feel like.

With that we made two major updates to the SPINE and our Quick-Snap Controller Mounts that current and future SPINE owners can definitely enjoy.

SPINE Extension Upgrades

The extension piece of the SPINE is the part where the Butt and the main stock body meet; the vertical piece with the SPINE icon engraved on the back. In the past we offered the SPINE in two different options (<5'10 & 5'11 and up) where the latter provided 2 inches of headroom for taller players. We're instead providing both options for all players to allow you to pick which height works best for you.

Spine virtual reality gun stock accessory upgraded parts

The extension now comes in 3 parts instead of 1.

  1. Base: comes pre-installed onto the SPINE

  2. Regular Insert: pictured in the middle and was the standard height of the SPINE

  3. Large Insert: pictured on the far right, and adds 2 inches of height to the SPINE

The upgraded extension system uses binding screws to hold the inserts in place. When tightened on both sides with the included Allen keys, you'll be able to easily swap between the two inserts to find your most comfortable fit.

Along with the upgraded customization to the extension system, we also added a Swivel Sling Mount that can be installed on either side of the extension base. With this we've found 3 major improvements to the experience and usability of the SPINE:

  1. More Sling Possibilities: With the sling sitting to the side of the stock instead of at the top, there is 0% chance any sling you'd like to use will end up blocking the view between your headset cameras and the tracking IR's on your controller.

  2. Rotating Sling Mount: you're far less likely for the sling to get caught in a way that kinks or makes for an uncomfortable feel.

  3. Comfortable Resting Position: When dropping your stock into the resting position, it falls to a comfortable position far more easily

Infographic of benefits of the upgraded Spine extension system

These QOL improvements will now be included with all stocks, and if you're an existing user you can get this upgrade for $7 plus shipping. We have to charge this to cover the cost of the parts, time, and material used to make these. We're not making a dime here, we want you to have the best experience with the SPINE that we can offer. QUICK NOTE: If you've given us feedback in the past, shoot us an email and we'll send the upgrade kit out to you for free. This is our way of saying THANK YOU!!

Quick Snap Mount Update

Up until now, we shipped Meta Quest 1 and Quest 2 controller mounts with a specific configuration. The trigger hand mount had a 100lb magnet and the off-hand magnet was much lighter with 65lbs of strength. After much back-and-forth between the VAIL community and our own players, we decided to scrap this concept entirely and make it much simpler.

100lb magnets on both the trigger, and off-hand mounts. This decision was made for the following reasons:

  1. Easier to find and snap your off-hand to the stock body

  2. Greater reliability when quickly moving in-game, no more accidental dismounts

  3. Simplicity in picking your controller mounts, and your friends with different dominant hands can enjoy your stock too!

With this QOL update we think you'll find a far more comfortable and enjoyable experience with whichever gunstock you choose.

Finally we want to thank each and every one of you that's given our brand a chance to improve your VR experience, and a big thank you to those who give us feedback and insight about your experience.

Thank you, Olen VR Team

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