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Will PSVR2 Be A Step Above the Rest?

Details regarding Playstation's new VR headset have been leaked and here's what we know.

Sony recently held a 'private' conference on Tuesday August 3rd, and some interesting facts about the upcoming headset have been released by a YouTuber named "PSVR Without Parole". Codenamed NGVR, for Next Generation VR, we've got a handful of interesting (hopefully) facts about the upcoming headset for the Playstation 5.

UploadVR reported back in May, the PSVR2's display will rock a healthy 2000x2040 per eye, being a nice little jump over the Oculus Quest 2. PSVR Without Parole also states the headset screen will be using OLED display tech, meaning it'll have HDR (high dynamic range), leading to richer colors and darker blacks, as well as a stronger brightness when compared to the Quest 2's LCD display.

What could be deemed as the most important news regarding Sony's newest VR headset is the inclusion of eye-tracking, which would lead to a much needed boost in performance thanks to a method referred to as foveated rendering. The informational video provided by PSVR without Parole also states a newer technology referred to as FSR (Flexible Scaling Resolution) will be introduced to PSVR2. This tech concentrates the resources used for rendering primarily on the focus area of the player, which will reduce the load placed on the PS5's hardware even more.

We all have heard about the amazing haptics the PS5 controller wields, and there seems to be a good possibility that tech will be included in PSVR2's controllers. Not only will there be haptics, it is said sensors will be able to track 3 of your fingers: middle, thumb, and index. They're currently referred to as capacitive sensors with an analog quality allowing them to sense the location of your fingers, even without touching the controller! Being able to predict the location of your limbs will lead to gestures with a more natural feel.

As for the negatives there seems to be few, one being the lack of backwards compatibility with PSVR1 games. Though a good release for the first PSVR was few and far between, it still seems like a bad decision by Sony to neglect their initial VR users. With that negative comes a positive as Sony claimed to having a "large push" to remaster old PSVR1 games for the latest hardware.

Unfortunately there is still yet to be an official release date or even price for the PSVR2 system, but luckily we should be seeing some details about a launch date early 2022. Hopefully Sony will take the positive aspects of recent VR headset releases and implement them in a fresh new way. Which could lead to some amazing PSVR exclusive games!

What's your take on the details of PSVR2, do you think it'll be a hit or flop?

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