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Are VR Gunstocks Worth It?

This has been a growing discussion in the Virtual Reality community and we feel it's a good chance to clear up some misconceptions

What's the Point of a VR Rifle?

Virtual Reality gamers usually want to experience the most immersion they can, putting them into a whole new world to experience. There are various peripherals and accessories on the market to achieve this, like the KatWalk C2, a virtual reality treadmill that allows you to walk in real life and translates it to movement in the virtual world you're playing in. Haptic gloves, electro-stimulating vests like the OWO vest, and more all exist to bring you more immersion with your Virtual Reality FPS games. A virtual reality rifle like this Oculus Quest 2 VR Rifle achieves this, but brings another addition to your gameplay.

A VR Gunstock like the SPINE not only adds a whole unique level of immersion to your VR FPS gameplay, it brings stability and reliability to your in-game aim. When playing a virtual reality shooter like VAIL, Pavlov, or Contractor$, you need to simulate holding a rifle by floating your hands in the air to shoot. While this works and doesn't make any of those games less fun, it does at times feel lacking. There are in-game options like virtual stock that help alleviate this issue, but doesn't quite accomplish a higher level of immersion and stability.

Physical VR Gun Stocks for FPS Games

Keeping the previous statements in mind, you're now left with a problem, "How can I aim better in VR?". With this question, your answer is simple and can be the deciding factor of how much you play VR FPS games. VR Gunstocks are the closest thing you can get to holding and shooting a real-life gun without the cost, danger, and limitations. VR Rifles are what break down the barrier of floating controllers and shaky hands for the full spectrum of gamers. From casual players to virtual reality gaming enthusiasts and Esports professionals, a physical gunstock can help you.

What's the Best VR Rifle?

The SPINE virtual reality rifle is our bread-and-butter when it comes to the full vr gun stock checklist.

  • Bottom mounted to allow you to simulate holding a real rifle compared to top mounted which has a unnatural feel.

  • Strong controller magnets allow you to snap your controllers to the stock body without keeping your hands permanent

  • Swapping between weapons, sidearms, utilities, etc. is simple with the lighter off-hand magnet.

  • Cheek rest allows you to aim down any sight comfortably and reliably.

  • 16" barrel to position your hands anywhere the in-game weapon requires

Do I Need a VR Gun Stock?

The short answer to the question of "should I get a gunstock" is "it depends". Are you a player who can't seem to find your sights perfectly whenever you quickly raise your hands to shoot your shot? Do you feel like your hands aren't consistently steady enough to shoot that long-range shot over 50 yards away to help you clutch that win? Do you love immersing yourself in your game and really feeling the gun you're holding in VR just as much as you are in real-life? If you said yes to any of those questions then a virtual reality rifle could be for you .

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