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The Asset VR Gun Stock accessory was designed with customization in mind. With so many VR games to play, comes numerous playstyles and preferences. Give yourself a stock that provides you options for all your favorite games. The Asset was released in March of 2024, and we'll be working on new and revolutionary MODs continuously until the world says to stop. Then we'll do a couple more. 

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Join the Armory

We created The Asset with the goal of being able to customize it in dozens of different ways to fit your exact play-style, which changes based on what games you're playing.


We want everyone to be apart of the development of this stock to make it the greatest and most versatile tool for VR FPS gaming. Your ideas, feedback, input, pretty much anything you have to say about the Asset and future mods are how we'll accomplish that mission.

Join our Discord and check out new developments and give us your suggestions. If you're the first to suggest a unique mod we put for sale on our website, you'll be getting one for free customized to show the world you helped make The Asset the GOAT.

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